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iKot.be for tenants

Who is iKot.be meant for

(prospective) students

As a student you have quite a few choices where you will live. Do you opt for a room? That can be a room in a house or even at a family's home. Or are you going for a room in a student complex? Do you want to live bigger? Then a studio or an apartment is also a nice option.

Young professionals

Are you already working and looking for a starter home? Even when you are not a student you can rent a room, studio or small apartment via iKot.be.

Couples and groups of friends

Do you want to live with your sweetheart? Check out our studios and apartments. Or go with a group of friends to look for homes with several free rooms.

Exchange students

Are you looking for a room for a few months? For example, as an exchange student in Belgium or because you have to do an internship? On iKot.be you will find kots that you can rent temporarily.

Students who want to sublet a room

Are you away for a while and is your room free? Then subletting is a good option. At iKot.be you can offer your room easily and for free.

Students who want to share a house

Do you have a house and do you have rooms available to rent? Offer them for free and quickly find cool roommates.

What can you expect from us

Large database

More than 14.000 landlords offer their rooms, studios and apartments on iKot.be.

Ads up-to-date

Our team checks all the ads. Old ads will be deactivated automatically. This way you always find new rooms on iKot.be.

Service team at your service

Do you have a question or is something not clear? Then check our frequently asked questions. Is your answer not listed? Then send us a message. Our service team is happy to help you.

Free notification for new rooms

Is the room you want not in our offer? Choose your city and the maximum rental price. As soon as a room is placed that meets your requirements, you will receive a free notification.

Rental contract

Part of iKot.be

iKot.be connects tennant with landlord. After the first contact we advise to plan a visit to the room before signing a rental agreement. Please check the contract thoroughly before signing.

Domilcile in Belgium

A domicile is the official address where you are registered. That may be a different place than where you live. For example, many students are domiciled at home with their parents. Even though they spend most of their time in their room.

Contract duration

Most rental contracts for student accommodation are for ten or eleven months. Twelve months is less common, as most students return home in the summer. In addition to these standard contracts, iKot.be also offers temporary housing. You can then, in consultation with the landlord, rent it for less than ten months.

Housing types op iKot.be

There are different types of rooms (koten). For example, you have homes that only consist of student rooms. Or you live with a landlord. In addition, there are also student rooms in large student complexes.

A studio is somewhat larger than a room. You often have your own sink or kitchenette. There are even studios with a shower or toilet that you do not have to share. Do you want to live even bigger? Then it is best to choose an apartment where all facilities are available.

What others think of iKot.be

iKot reviewer
Judit (19) from Gent
— Tenant on iKot.be

“Nice website, at the first viewing we rented the room ”

iKot reviewer
Kris (19) from Brussel
— Tenant on iKot.be

“VERY GOOD perfect that you can filter all the rooms. ”

How much does it cost to use iKot.be?

iKot.be works with so called credits. Do you want to be able to respond to all student rooms? Then choose for credits. Fun fact: you can always reply for free on the rooms in the spotlight.

10 Credits

With 10 credits you can reply 10 times

€NaN €13.95

25 Credits

With 25 credits you can reply 25 times

€24.95 €17.95

50 Credits

With 50 credits you can reply 50 times

€49.95 €19.95