How does it work? explained in just a few steps

On this page we explain in a few steps for people looking for a room and people renting a room how works.

I am looking for a room

For people looking for a clean room with nice roommates is the perfect website. We always offer the latest rooms, available for rent, for students, young professionals and expats. Simply follow the next steps to find your perfect room:

  1. You can register for free on our registration page, choose a username and password and fill out your e-mail address
  2. You can easily start your search for a room in your city or search rooms close to your university or job
  3. Select the room of your interest and hit “Respond”.
  4. If you don’t have credits yet, you can buy those via a secured link: reactietegoed
  5. You always pay per response, only to rooms of your interest
  6. You can upload a picture of yourself in My account and tell something about yourself. This information is only available for landlords or students offering a room for rent
  7. If you have a question, please check our FAQ’s or mail the team, we are ready to help you at any moment.

I want to rent a room or apartment

If you want to find a tenant for your room or apartment, you will succeed with In only 2 minutes you can place your room on one of the largest roomwebsites in Belgium.

  1. First you go to the page place your room.
  2. Then you fill out the address of the room:
    • Street
    • Postal code
    • City
    • Your phone number (optional)
    • Website of your room or apartment (optional)
  3. After that you give some basic information of the room
    • Type of room
    • Surface (m2) (size of the room(s) in square meters)
    • Rental price (basic rent price, no gas or electricity)
    • Costs for heating/electricity/water (total costs for the heating, water and electricity)
  4. Also the availability and contract term can be filled:
    • Free from (here you give the date the room is available)
    • Contract duration (optional, length of the rental period)
  5. Properties of your room or apartment, what facilities are available and what is allowed:
    • Smoke inside
    • Pets allowed
    • Furnished
    • Internet connection
    • Cable / TV connection
    • Wheelchair accessible
    • Garden
  6. And finally you tell what facilities are private and shared:
    • Sink
    • WC
    • Bathroom/shower
    • Kitchen
    • Living room
  7. Click on “place your room” and we will receive your information shortly
  8. Our team will check the information and publish your room to
  9. You receive an e-mail when your room has been placed from