About iKot

We stand for simplicity, available rooms, transparency and superior service

How to use iKot.be

We have built iKot.be in such a way that it is easily accessible and fast to use. We have asked room website users for their feedback: what can we improve and what is missing? All this feedback has been used and applied in the new design of iKot.be.
We keep improving our website, it is a dynamic process that never ends and a process in which we would love to receive and use your feedback! Any idea for improvement of iKot.be is always welcome, feel free to contact us. We read all comments and will continue to improve iKot.be.

Our mission

We always try to offer recent, available rooms on iKot.be. This means we keep in touch with our landlords to make sure we remove rented rooms in time. If you respond to rooms those will free for rent most of the time.

Furthermore we stand for transparency and open communication: we try to communicate clearly in all parts of our website and during all steps of the process of finding or placing a room. In this way you’ll never be confronted with unpleasant surprises.

Respond to rooms

We ask a small fee per response if you would like to contact a landlord or roommate of a room or apartment. This is because we believe in quality: a fast and reliable room-website with actual available rooms. Building and improving our website costs time and money, this also goes for finding new roommates, landlords and connecting them. Because you pay per response on iKot.be, you never pay to much and only for available rooms.


We do our utmost to make iKot.be as user friendly as humanly possible, but in the end we are humans to, so we make mistakes. If you wander around or have questions, please check our FAQ’s, most of the answers we have are there. If you still have a question please do not hesitate to contact us our iKot.be team is ready to help you.

iKot.be stands for:

  • Easy use
  • Only the latest, available rooms
  • Transparency
  • Superior Service